Life is a Test at its Best

We fall, and rise again. Getting hurt, and smile again. Fail many time, and succeed again. Fooled overtime, and prove genius again. Accepting part-time, and finishing again.


Counting our Faults

Randomly we are accustomed to do mistakes. However, hardly we find anyone that makes count of his own faults. It is a great task to keep vigil of one’s errors. The big merit it contains is that one can easily try to avoid the repetition of the past slips. There are chances that he will fall in new traps. But in between these past and new errors he will enjoy a good learning. And that will connect him with new dimensions of knowledge.


God has bestowed us an expandable memory. We kudos the tech oriented  pieces and never approve our hidden store. We come in contact with a lot of dilemmas and dualities. We face distractions and depression. Accidents and anomalies fill our memories. But between this wide sphere we find moments of joy, because implicit within us is a function of blank out. So forgetfulness is not a bad characteristic. It contains a beauty that flourishes when one digs in deep.

Struggle Continued

Life has a dynamic setting. You come under different pressures, threats, ups and downs. Some time you feel uneasy and later try to soothe yourself. You wait for death, and later try to remain alive. But under various circumstances you realize that Life is a continuous struggle, one has to carry on. You are successful if you remain contented to some discipline while carrying the business of life. And here I feel a Divine light is a necessary and compulsory to guide you through this dynamics.

Free your Mind

We are bestowed with a thoughtful mind. Waves flow in and out. Tension rises like a tide. And having all these sets and subsets we manage to make a day. With positive approach you can change your world. So, the need of the hour is open your mind, free it from all antagonism. There is space for everyone.

Few Words to Express

There are more problems that need attention. However at times you find shortage of vocabulary to express your concern. So, a mismatch exists. Things become dry when you have no window to involve them. At times they invoke your whole strength to give them a sense. The issue becomes serious when there are different stakeholders facing the same trouble. So you need involve others to find the solution. And at the end you see they are unresolved.